Monday, March 02, 2009


How come it's been raining for several weeks, we've recorded near normal rainfall here in San Francisco, but "they" say the reservoirs aren't getting any of the water?  Indeed, Schwartzie just declared a water crisis for the state.  Disconnect!

How come the Feds get to delay Bonds' trial indefinitely because the judge derailed their witch hunt by declaring key prosecution "evidence" inadmissable?  They've been at this for years. Why don't they go catch a terrorist or something?  Disconnect!

How come only the biggest corporate fools and scoundrels get my money to bail them out? Can't let 'em fail, "they" say.  The global financial system will come crashing down on our heads, "they" say.  It's the little or littler guys, most of whom are not even fools or scoundrels, who are allowed to fail.  Disconnect!

How come Milan is only offering the Galaxy $3-5 million for David Beckham when Jimmy Bullard (heard of him?) went from Fulham to Hull City for twice that much?  Disconnect!

How come even though I paid nearly $400 for a Kindle a few months ago Amazon has introduced the much-improved Kindle 2 but expects me to pay the a non-discounted full price of $359 to buy it?  Very short-sighted on their part.  Disconnect!

How come on HBO's "Big Love," even though there are three wives and a  polygamous family focused on having lots of kids, we can watch a full hour and not see any kids running around? Disconnect!

Finally, how come supposedly enlightened energy and climate policy czars find it OK for businesses to pollute the atmosphere if they can pay for the right to do it?  Disconnect!

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