Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Where to Look First

It’s a gold mine out there. I can’t decide where to look first. I’ve got:

All the salacious gossip about ex-Congressman Foley’s indiscretions
Conjecture about whether Hastert will resign
More bad news from Iraq
A guy slaughters girls in an Amish school
North Korea says it is going to set off an atomic bomb
Iran says it doesn’t want to talk anymore about its atomic bomb
Doctors who say it’s very painful when you get executed (Duh!)
A nurse is convicted of killing patients
A typhoon hits Vietnam
More more bad news from Iraq
New bad news from Afghanistan
Israelis killing Palestinians
Palestinians killing Palestinians
Palestinians killing Israelis
The Russians fighting with the Georgians
Continuing genocide in Darfur
A new book talking about the Bush team lying to us
Another new book talking about the Bush team’s incompetence
And another new book talking about the Bush team’s hubris
More bad news from Iraq
The Dow hits a new high (Whoopee!)
More hedge funds collapse
An NFL lineman kicks an opponent in the face – and apologizes
Fifty other football players kick opponents and aren’t caught and don’t apologize
Fastow gets six years instead of ten. Judge says his family has suffered enough

Need I go on? I’m tired. I think I’ll stop and go find some good news. Ha!!


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