Friday, September 01, 2006

South Park

I came a little late to the South Park scene and only started watching it this past year. But since they show re-runs pretty much every day I’ve had a chance to see a lot. This is an incredible show!

South Park is irreverent in the extreme. That and the large cast of unique, brilliantly portrayed characters are probably why I haven’t tired of it. There is no limit to what is fair game for ridicule. There is no limit to the quirkiness of the people around us.

Not long ago I saw an interview with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, South Park’s creators and ongoing geniuses. They emphasized the key factor that makes this show unlike any other: nothing is off limits. If they succumb to self-censorship for fear something will go too far they will have lost the game.

So they take on everything and everyone. All religions. All politics. All countries. All celebrities. All people of every color, ethnicity, national origin or physical condition. Sacred cows exist for them only as targets for skewering.

I love this show.


Blogger Jim said...

I am still on the outside and have only seen a couple of episodes which were right on with your view. Have they ever taken on social or cultural sacred the Horatio Alger myth, hypocracy or various 'isms'.... The episode I saw was on Scientology and they skewered Tom Cruise pretty good. He apparently got the episode pulled (but not from the internet) which goes to show some enlightened 'beings' just don't have a sense of humor.

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