Thursday, August 24, 2006


I haven’t written a blog in more than a week. I thought about writing most days. Even had various subjects in mind. I thought about:
- Following up on getting rid of the Porsche and buying a new car. (We did both)
- Getting my bladder fixed (I go to the hospital to do it on Monday)
- Tiger the Amazing (I followed the PGA tournament avidly and continue to be amazed at the skill of Tiger Woods)
- The beginning of the footie season in England (My fantasy team did lousy the first weekend but is improving)
- The state of the world (ain’t improving)
- The wedding in which I am playing a part (not as the bride or groom) this weekend.
- Etc., etc.

Seems I’d get distracted with something or other before I’d sit down to express myself. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say I wasn’t inspired to express myself.
Or maybe it would be even more accurate to say nothing seemed worth writing about.
Or maybe none of that is true and the fact is I didn’t write because I didn’t write.
All the reasons and excuses are bullshit.
Writing because I think I should is the wrong way to go. I shouldn’t (see how hard they are to avoid) do what my mind tells me I should do. Shoulds are a waste of time.

So welcome back, Luigi – for no reason whatsoever.


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