Saturday, July 22, 2006

To Be Happy About

Enough negativism. Let’s look on the bright side. What can we be happy about today?

Well, Barry Bonds didn’t get indicted this week. That’s a plus – at least temporarily.

The Giants won the game I attended on Thursday night. I’m 4-0 for the season. The good guys hit four home runs, including three in a row in one inning. Totally enjoyable evening.

The weather was beautiful this week, albeit a bit hot for the City by the Bay.

I got a haircut and look beautiful.

Had a wonderful outing with the Marsh on Thursday. Went to the Asian to see the exhibit, “Elephants on Parade,” items from India. Followed by lunch at a new (for us) Italian place on Union St. Really good.

Had, as usual, good food and wine at home every night, ‘cept Thursday when I had my traditional Hot Link and Beer at the ball yard.

Watched the Nagoya Basho and will see Day 11 today. We’re three days behind, but it doesn’t matter since no newspaper I see carries the results anyway. (For you uninitiated, I’m talking about Sumo.)

No one I know died this week. Nor did we have an earthquake. Nor did anything around me get blown up by suicide bombers.

The 6-7 year project on my block to take down overhead wires and put them underground finally, finally, finally, neared an end. The trucks were around to finish cutting down the now-dead overhead wires. About the only thing left to do is remove the poles. My local utility company at work in its usual timely fashion.

I could find more to talk about. But I’ve done enough to provide useful therapy. And now – back to the dark side.


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