Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I’m an instinct kind of guy.

I trust my gut, my feelings, my first reaction. If I run into a situation that requires a decision and I see something that looks right, I go with it. I don’t contemplate long. I don’t keep looking for something better. I don’t agonize about it.

This is most obvious when shopping. For example, I like cantaloupes. I see a pile of cantaloupes in the store. I may check out one or two to make sure there are no rotten spots, but then I choose one or two and move on. It’s a hit or miss proposition anyway, right? It’s guesswork. I don’t know shit about what is the ‘right’ choice, so I just choose. And you know what? Usually what I choose turns out OK.

In this past week I’ve used my instinct to settle on tomatoes, corn, peaches and a new watch. I was in a watch store. They had hundreds of watches in dozens of cases. I saw one I liked, so I took it. I didn’t need to look further.

Now – full disclosure. The hands on the watch I chose proved to be hard to see clearly in certain kinds of light. Had to do with the glare of the watch face in combination with the glare of the glass covering it. I liked the watch and wanted it to work. But it didn’t. So I took it back. How did I choose the replacement? Same process as the first time. The only difference was that I made sure there was no glare that would get in the way.

I spent the next few hours bonding with my new watch. I liked it more and more. Now I’m attached to it – even more so than the first one.

Instinct works!


Blogger Jim said...

I am into instinct also, although I've learned that real instinct and intention are pretty much the same thing. Took me a long time to learn that intention means same thing as 'god's will' and the only thing I need to do is get my ego out of the way and in a state of profound acceptance and gratitude.

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