Friday, February 15, 2019

I'd Like To Be Wrong, But . . .!

I’d like to be wrong, but . . .

I think the Giants will again be a sub .500 team this season.

Unless the left and center Democrats unify around a candidate and a message they will blow their chance to take back the White House.  To the Progressives I say, “Don’t be so broad minded that your brains are falling out.”

Like all species, homo sapiens have a limited life span.  Extinction is inevitable.  We will be done in by something – climate change, A.I. machines, evolution, wars – something.  Or maybe a combination of destructive forces.  The myth purveyors who preach that we are the last word in creation will be disappointed.

Its fair to see hope in the generation of young people who are on the cusp of adulthood.  Unfortunately, the human condition is such that as they grow older they will fall prey to the downside of growing older – frustration, disappointment, health concerns, making a living, etc. 

At this point I have to hit the pause button.  Are my conclusions inevitable?  I hope not.  It isn’t inevitable that youthful optimism be overtaken by cynicism.  For all my gnarly, curmudgeonly grouching I haven’t abandoned all hope.  I complain about what I see as a defense mechanism to shield me from the abyss of watching my youthful optimism being betrayed.

So don’t give up the fight!


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