Thursday, May 05, 2011

Not To Do Today!

What I promise not to do today:

I won’t pay attention to any conjecture about which Republican is or is not running/going to run for President.

I won’t try to follow various opinions about what will/won’t happen should politicians not agree to raise the debt limit.

I won’t try to remember which African murderers are going to be indicted for crimes against humanity.

Except to note that the Sharks are up 3-0 in their series I won’t read anything about the National Hockey League playoffs.

I hear another Einstein theory about time and space has been validated. I won’t try to understand it.

I won’t pay any attention to the Home and Style sections of the Times.

I won’t read anything about the ongoing ineptitude of the California Legislature.

I will not waste energy being pissed off at ongoing efforts by pro-lifers to restrict abortion rights.

I will not obsess about the religious right, the beatification of a pope who protected child-abusing priests, or the incessant deification of god (or is that an oxymoronic redundancy)?

I will only note that the slaughters in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and the suicide bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan are ongoing and needn’t be dissected in detail.

Have a nice day . . .


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