Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Am I Not Surprised?

Republicans didn’t like Obama’s speech on Libya.

Both sides are blaming the other for not taking action to avert a government shutdown soon.

In Egypt, the military is still running things and the Muslim Brotherhood is getting stronger.

In Syria, Assad is shooting protesters.

In Iowa, likely Republican presidential candidates are paying more attention to social

issues than the economy.

More priests are reported to have abused children, been found out and gone unpunished.

Israel continues to build more settlements.

The California legislature can’t agree – again – on how to balance the budget.

Civilians are being killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan ‘by accident.’

The Japanese are unwilling to face up to their nuclear reactor failures.

The Germans don’t agree with the rest of Europe about economic and other issues.

Shias are killing Sunnis. Sunnis are killing Shias.

We show no sign we have the will to wean ourselves from oil and coal dependence.

So, you might ask, what else is new?

Have a nice day.


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