Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blood Money

Raymond Allen Davis, the CIA contractor who killed two Pakistanis in Lahore on Jan. 27, is on his way home. The families of the dead men were paid $2.34 million in exchange for agreeing to accept Davis’ apology and allowing him to go free.

So a difficult situation is resolved. The U.S. had maintained that Davis had diplomatic immunity. The Pakistanis weren’t so sure. In the face of a public outcry that he be tried and executed, the parties kept the lid on until they could invoke an honorable and traditional way of handling such things – using a bribe to appease the injured feelings of the victim’s families.

My theory:

1. Davis did indeed work for the CIA.

2. Davis’ actions were covered by diplomatic immunity.

3. He was targeted to be killed by one of the many anti-American groups in Pakistan.

4. The two men who died attacked him.

5. They bungled the job, gave him a chance to protect himself, and he killed them.

My comment:

Given the dangers associated with being an American in Pakistan, to have a CIA cowboy driving around Lahore armed and alone is not a brilliant move. On the other hand just being in Pakistan, no matter who you are, is extremely risky. No easy answers here.


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