Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today's Assessments

Sad: A fire in Rio destroyed many costumes and floats that had been created over many months for use at Carnaval.

Bad: Mubarak is winning. He is playing for time, giving little and will go, but on his own terms.

Good: Green Bay won and the game was worth watching.

Good: Southern Sudan voted overwhelmingly (99%) for freedom and the northern leaders will not stand in their way.

Bad: Sumo is on the ropes (more accurately on the clay) as match rigging allegations have led to the sport being closed down, at least for the immediate future.

Good: Obama is reaching out to the business community.

Good: More and more people see Sarah Palin as an ignorant, ego-driven opportunist.

Good: Spring training starts next week.

Good/Bad: After years of bragging about their strong fiscal position, Texas admits they’ve got a huge budget deficit.

Good: The magnolias, dahlias, rhododendrons, and camellias are blooming in Golden Gate Park.

Good: The days are getting longer.

As Usual: Violence, brutality, tragedy, wrongdoing and misfortune dominate headlines around the world.

Good: Good outnumbers Bad on this list.

Have a good day.


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