Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Let’s see if I’ve got this right:

The U.S. is bombing Libya, but only for a few days.

No one knows who is in charge of this war.

There is disagreement among the Europeans about who should be doing what.

The Arab League, which asked for a no-fly zone, is having second thoughts.

There is no stated goal for what is to be accomplished by this war.

The rebels are one or more or none of the following:

--With or without decent weapons

--Without clear leadership

--A motley bunch of inexperienced kids

--Motivated by tribal, not national, loyalties

--Expecting the Americans to fight their battle


--Have no idea what they want if Gaddafi leaves

Maybe a stalemate is an acceptable result, maybe not.

There is no consensus in the U.S. about our involvement.

Statements by U.S. politicians are more about political posturing than substance.

I’m confused.


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