Saturday, April 30, 2011


The default position for critics of American foreign policy is “America should do something.”

Assad is doing bad things in Syria: Do something about it.

Quaddafi is doing bad things in Libya: Do something about it.

Iran is a danger to us: Do something about it.

China is backsliding on human rights: Do something about it.

The Israelis and Palestinians should settle their differences: Do something about it.

And so on . . .

The context for these ‘do something ' plaints is American exceptionalism. We are the best. We are the strongest. We know what to do. We are ordained by God to rule the world, save the world, lead the way. This, of course, is bullshit and has within itself the seeds of our eventual downfall. But tell that to the chest-thumping USA USA USA shouters. Tell that to them and you’ll be labeled a traitor, maybe even a would-be terrorist. So our esteemed politicians will be the last to say such things – even if they know it is true.

Change of subject:

Donald Trump has rendered me speechless. He is so disgustingly ugly. His egomania is so out of control. His righteousness is so sickening. And worst of all – I am convinced he actually believes the crap that he says. It’s not an act. I hope he does run for president. He would waste a lot of his money. He would be shown to be a buffoon on a daily basis. And he would lose badly. And you know what? After all that his ego wouldn’t even be dented. I now take a solemn oath: I shall not ever again write about this clown in these pages.

Israel has a real problem, and no easy way out. Not only are Hamas and Fatah getting together to present a united front in the service of statehood, Egypt is changing its policy and can no longer be counted on to be a buffer between Israel and their Arab neighbors who want to do bad things to them. Very worrisome. I wonder what the “America should do something” people would recommend.

I was impressed by the marriage in London yesterday. They pulled off a complicated ritual flawlessly and with aplomb. Very well done. And the visual part of the TV coverage was outstanding. As to the commentary? No comment.


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