Tuesday, March 04, 2008


It is a glorious time of year.

The days are longer. The sky is deep blue. Temperatures are rising. The trees and flowers are blooming.

Yesterday we visited the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. It was our second visit within the past two weeks. Why the return visit so soon? The magnolias are at their peak. And so are the rhododendrons and the camellias. And they are only the most visible stars. There are many more.

Trees that were in full bloom a short time ago are still beautiful but past their peak. Those that were more a promise than a reality last time are showing off their splendor. Absolutely glorious.

For San Francisco, yesterday was a relatively warm day – in the upper 60’s. Warm enough to lure some sunbathers to the park. Shirtsleeve weather for the rest of us. The garden was quiet and peaceful. Not too crowded. A few tourists. Mothers and babies. Young couples whose focus was not on the vegetation. And locals like us, just strolling around.

Sandra turned active flower protector when she noticed some people cutting flowers in a lovely grove of camellia trees. Turns out they represent a group that took the lead in creating the grove a few years ago and are getting together for dinner later. They were collecting a few samples to show their partners how well the grove is doing. They seemed credible, so Sandra didn’t insist they look but don’t touch.

We go to Golden Gate Park frequently. It is an extraordinary urban oasis. Beauty in every direction. Nature at its best. A gift that is not sufficiently appreciated.



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