Friday, February 29, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

Spring has sprung. Spring training has begun.

Well, I guess we’ve still got a few weeks to go before Spring really springs, but who’s counting? The Boys of the Summer-to-come are running, stretching, hitting, fielding, pitching. Getting ready to launch another season of our national pastime.

This is the time of year when the new season is supposed to look promising, when last year’s disappointments are supposed to have been forgotten, when we are supposed to be ready to embrace new heroes. But here – in the home of Youuuuuuuuuur San Francisco Giants, expectations are in the toilet.

But wait, isn’t hope supposed to spring eternal? Even though Bonds is gone and many guys who are back were terrible in 2007, and the only new guy anyone has heard of is Aaron Rowland, shouldn’t hope be springing eternal? The answer is yes, and that’s my challenge.

I’m ready for the challenge, and then I learn that Vizquel is hurt and Molina is hurt and Durham is hurting, and so is Aurilia. I’m ready for the challenge and I see that the Cubs walloped two of our starting pitchers in the first exhibition game. There’s something wrong with this picture. It’s our pitching that is supposed to give us a chance to win some games.

Our new Giants won’t rely on hitting. That’s very smart, since we don’t seem to have much in the way of hitters. It’ll be “little ball” that will pull us through. Speed. Aggression on the basepaths. Singles, not home runs. All backed up by great pitching. Other teams have won this way – why not us?

OK. I’m ready for the challenge. Hope springs eternal. No reason to make premature conclusions. The guys who are hurt will get well. The pitchers are young and will show the world how good they are. It will be teamwork and team spirit and savvy coaching that will get the job done. Don’t count us out 32 days before we play our first meaningful game.

Am I trying to talk myself into something? Yes, I am. I’m ready for the challenge. Hope springs eternal.

Play Ball!!


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