Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Wish I Had Been Wrong

My election predictions last week before the Iowa caucuses were mostly accurate.

On the Republican side, in Iowa I underestimated Huckabee’s popularity and overestimated Romney’s, but corrected that in New Hampshire where I said McCain would win. No big deal. I still feel that no matter how much money he spends Romney is history and Huckabee will not last the course.

Regrettably, on the Democratic side I was 100% right in both Iowa and New Hampshire. First Clinton got beat. Then, despite the fact that she was declared all but dead by the experts, she turned around and won. I wish I had been wrong.

Obama’s way of being and speaking in Iowa got me excited about a candidate and the election process for the first time in a long while. I now had a clear favorite and moved from negative to actively negative about Clinton. So the New Hampshire results were disappointing.

I now think Obama has a good chance of winning the nomination. Should it go to Clinton I’m still sure I’ll vote for her against any Republican that emerges from this sorry lot. But I won’t be nearly as happy about it as I’d like to be.

So now, on to Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina, etc.


Blogger freshblend said...

After many years of lackluster and incompetent leadership, Obama has brought me hope, inspiration, even goosebumps. It impresses me that he can spur two friends - who I never imagined getting involved in the guts of politics - to become his precinct captains. If Obama can do that, what more can he inspire us to do? - Sheila

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