Thursday, January 03, 2008

Finally . . .

Finally, beginning tonight people can start voting. So since you are dying to know, here’s what I think:

In Iowa Romney will beat Huckabee. The bumbler from Arkansas peaked a few weeks ago and will fade from now on. The others will be out of the picture, although McCain will exceed expectations.

I agree with the experts that it will be close for the Dems. For the sake of hoping to upset the apple cart (or I guess hay wagon would be more appropriate) I’m saying it’ll be a close 1-2-3 finish in this order: Obama, Edwards and Clinton.

Romney’s glow will fade in less than a week when McCain kicks his butt in New Hampshire. That will kick-start McCain’s momentum and he’ll go on to be the nominee.

On the Democratic side, Clinton will win big in New Hampshire. So those who will say after Iowa that she’s in trouble will be wrong. And, I regret to predict, she’ll go on to be the nominee.

Of the sorry lot put forward by the GOP, McCain is the best. Even though I don’t like or trust Clinton I’ll have no problem voting for her against any of the Republicans. It would be a bigger disaster than I can confront if the Executive Branch should continue to be in the hands of the bad guys, irrespective of who is at the head of the ticket.

I’m not sure if Bloomberg will mount an independent campaign. If he does run he won’t do well and his appeal will be to the already disaffected in both parties, so his candidacy will not be crucial in terms of who will win.

In the California primary I will vote for Obama. I’m not a passionate supporter but I appreciate the quality of his thinking and his integrity, i.e., being true to himself.


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