Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Looking for the Silver Lining

I’ve been on a mission to find good news rather than focus on the bad. It isn’t going too well today:

The economy is in the toilet and it’s being flushed.

The market has tanked.

Yesterday people were blown up in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The Israelis killed 18 Palestinians in Gaza.

Kenya is sinking deeper into violence.

The writers are still on strike – maybe more a ‘who cares’ than bad news.

Romney won in Michigan – good news if you like him, which I don’t.

Huckabee said the Constitution should be changed to reflect God’s word, not ours – good news I guess if you like this God of his, which I don’t.

At a Congressional hearing Bud Selig said he’d take care of baseball’s problems. Sure he will. Mostly he’ll point fingers at others rather than take responsibility himself.

Studies show that taking Zetia, which I’ve been doing for two years, may be bad for my health.

OK, enough. Now some good news:

The sun is shining.

An earthquake hasn’t destroyed our home.

I made a delicious chicken dish for dinner last night.

Every day is a gift.

I am blessed with love and friendship and happiness.

When I step back and think about it, the Silver Lining isn’t hard to find after all.


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