Monday, January 15, 2007

Research Project

Recently Ms Marsh suggested that I pay more attention to American football, since the playoffs are here. In the not-too-distant past I was an avid fan. I went into hibernation on this sport when the 49’ers went in the toilet. Anyway, since I always do what Sandra suggests (or at least sometimes) I've made time during these past two weekends to watch. Herewith my observations:

1. Without a DVR I would have failed in this project. Stop. Start. Commercials. More commercials. Challenges. Etc. Being able to record and then view or use the Pause button minimized my impatience.

2. The players seem bigger and uglier than I remember them. And it seems there are more white guys up front. It may be my memory is sketchy on these points, but that's the way it looked to me.

3. I find it hard to remember who played whom from day to day once a game is finished. I had to look in the paper to remember that it was Seattle that played Chicago on Sat. And the Super Bowl last year? Don't have a clue.

4. I do remember individual performances and some were really good. Like Brady, Tomlinson, Deuce, Urlacher, Heap. And some were terrible. Like Grossman, Rivers, Manning. I guess QB's are held to a higher standard.

5. It's hard not to want New Orleans to do well. But want it or not they will kill the Bears next week. I recognize that the Bears won and it was dramatic, but they seem hopeless to me.

6. I wanted San Diego to beat the Pats (West Coast and all you know) but I didn't feel bad when they lost. They had chances to put it away and didn't. And it was only New England this past weekend that looked like a championship team. Not only Brady, they all had the presence, the demeanor, of winners.

7. So I'd guess it will be New England and New Orleans in the Super Bowl. And that has the possibility of being a good game. But I'll be hangin' out in Ho Chi Minh City that day and don't intend to watch. I won't miss it. And that's my conclusion from my NFL research project. I haven't paid attention in recent years and I don't miss it.


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