Friday, December 29, 2006

Random Thoughts

These are some of the thoughts floating through my mind today:

They’re going to kill Saddam Hussein today or tomorrow or sometime soon. I don’t care whether he lives or dies. I do care that they’re going to kill him. I can’t get past or behind state-sponsored murder. I keep visualizing the hanging process. It makes me nuts.

On a more cheerful note, I’m very happy the Giants signed Barry Zito. It’ll make this coming season a lot more interesting.

On a less cheerful note, it seems clear that Bush and his buddies are going to raise the number of troops in Iraq. The PR people are hard at work preparing the public for confirmation that this will be the strategy. It won’t work guys. It won’t work. Call it a ‘surge,’ or a ‘redeployment,’ or a ‘new strategy,’ or whatever. It is throwing another bad idea into the mix of bad ideas.

Speaking of troops – I know that many of them are positive about the war, but it sickens me to hear about the thousands of young men and women who are being wounded, many grievously. Ten thousand is the latest number I’ve heard. They may not want me to feel sorry for them, but I do. What a waste.

Tom Brokaw did a show on illegal immigrants the other day. He focused on an area in Colorado between Aspen and Vail. There is a boom in construction there. The boom is totally dependent on having workers to get the job done. Most of the low-end workers are Mexicans using phony documentation. Without them the economy will go down the toilet. No one has come up with a good solution – including me.

I had a brilliant result in my Fantasy Football (Soccer) games in England on Tuesday. For the season, which is now half over, it moved me up into the top 2.6% of teams competing. I am currently #29,684 out of 1,149,953 in the game.

Our traditional Holiday Dinner for Sandra’s family is today. It will be the 29th Annual Dinner. One feature will be saying how we did on the resolutions we made a year ago and letting people know what our resolutions for 2007 will be. I accomplished what I said I’d do in 2006. One of my new ones will be adding to this Blog at least once a week.



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