Saturday, October 05, 2019

No End in Sight!

It would be nice if some things would change, but I see no end in sight for:

Violent demonstrations in Hong Kong.
The struggle between the Kurds and Turkey.
Corruption in Iraq.
Civilian deaths in Afghanistan.
Political gridlock in the U.S.
Income inequality.
Racial prejudice.

If this prognosis is too bleak, should we just give up?  The list could be much longer.  Being hopeless won’t help.  So now what?  There is no easy answer.  Just as it is inevitable that the tectonic plates will continue to move under us and will ultimately change everything, so it is inevitable that so long as humans are around bad stuff will happen.  I say tell the truth about it, do something if you can and live your life – with gratitude for the blessings that are yours.


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