Monday, September 30, 2019


With so much in-your-face dramatic news dominating the civil discourse these days I’m stepping back from the fray to let my thoughts wander.

It was great to see such a warm appreciation of Bruce Bochy as he retired after 13 years as manager of the Giants.  A decent, authentic guy who more than earned the praise and acknowledgement he received.

Staying with sports, I was happy to watch Liverpool win for the seventh time this season and stay undefeated.  They didn’t look great and Sheffield United was a tough opponent, but a win is a win.

I enjoyed the American Masters program featuring Raul Julia.  I have fond memories of Raul as a friend and Breakthrough Foundation supporter, but I had forgotten what a great talent he was.  Died much too young.

“Our Boys” is the most recent TV show out of Israel that has my attention.  Very powerful and well done.  I’m particularly moved by Jony Arbid’s performance.  He plays Hussein.

Newest food discovery:  It is possible to have Mercato deliver items from the San Francisco Fish Company in the Ferry Building.  Had delicious gravlax and salmon roll, easily ordered and arrived on time.

Our recent heat wave has given way to cooler air, and we’re back to the standard 50’s and 60’s.  No complaints (at least for a while) about San Francisco being too cold.

Okay, that was a welcome break from the chaos.  I can now go back and see what today’s outrage is going to be.


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