Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Looking For The Sunlight!

This is the fog season in San Francisco. Some days the sun shines through, but it is often elusive. And so I look elsewhere for sunny news:

Not in Washington, DC. Congress has gone home, but the leftover mood is glum. After months of partisan wrangling the people elected to run this country produced a result that didn’t address the problem and pleased no one. Come to think of it, it’s probably a good thing they’ve gone home.

Not in Somalia. Thousands are dying of starvation in a famine exacerbated by warring factions and the al-Shabab terrorists. We’ve seen the pictures before. Swollen bellies. Lifeless babies. Vacant eyes filled with hopelessness. Having seen these images before doesn’t lessen the horror of it all.

Not at the ATT ballpark. Our boys of summer who can’t hit have lost five in a row and the four game lead we had a few days ago is history.

Not at Yosemite. Another amateur climber coming down from Half Dome on a rain-slicked surface (where she shouldn’t have been in the first place) slipped and fell 600’ to her death.

Not in San Angelo, Texas, where Warren Jeffs claims God told him to marry 12 and 14-year-old girls.

Not on Wall Street. The markets are tanking big time.

Not in Syria. Assad continues to kill people who have the courage to protest in the face of tanks and guns. Hama, which I remember well from my visit there two years ago, has been particularly hard hit.

OK. I give up. Where is the sun?

Look inward, people. Your blessings are close at hand – waiting to be discovered and acknowledged.


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