Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson can be described in many ways:

A publicity-seeking egomaniac

A phony who has parlayed ugly facial hair into a product for feeble-minded clones

A talentless comic masquerading as a profound thinker

A self-appointed spokesperson for a group of fun-loving ballplayers

That’s all on target, but misses the point. The most accurate description of Brian Wilson is that he’s a mediocre relief pitcher who has taken a run of good fortune and turned it into a thriving enterprise.

We could say, “Good for you, Brian. Keep fooling those fools.” The only problem with that is that it doesn’t change his pitiful performance on the mound almost every time he’s called in to save a game. Even when he doesn’t blow the save he usually almost blows the save. Those of us who would really like to see the Giants do well are not amused by the drama.

This guy is just not very good. No one in his right mind buys into “Fear the Beard.” There is nothing to fear. He is a paper tiger. Let’s get a real talent to save games and dump this jerk before he does further damage.


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