Friday, July 15, 2011

Sorry To Hear . . .

Sorry to hear Clemens got a mistrial. Incredible prosecutorial stupidity.

Sorry to hear about more bombs in Mumbai. There is no way a huge, crowded city like that can be fully protected.

Speaking of bombs, sorry to hear about the suicide bomber in Afghanistan who hid the explosives in his turban. A very nasty image of what he looked like post-bombing.

And still on bombs – sorry to hear that bombers are now planning to implant their bombs in their bodies to avoid airport security detection. High marks for creativity however.

Sorry to hear that the debt ceiling deadline may be finessed by a strategy that avoids an immediate crisis but doesn’t deal with the basic issues. Sorry to hear, but not surprised.

Sorry and glad to hear that it’ll be the US vs Japan in the World Cup final. Good for the Japanese and their country. A gritty, skilled and sympathetic group. Sorry for the U.S., since the few non-Americans around the world who might have wanted the U.S. to win will now surely root for the other side.

Sorry to hear that Rupert Murdoch is being less defiant than I’d hoped he’d be in trying to save his media empire. Let’s hope it’s only a temporary stratagem and he’ll revert to his real self soon.

Sorry to hear that tuition at California state universities has gone through the roof. More short-term actions with long-term negative implications.


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