Friday, August 06, 2010

What Has My Attention Today

For a few minutes at least the fog has lifted and I see blue sky. July and August in San Francisco are traditionally cold and foggy, but this year has been ridiculous. I can’t remember one day in the past six weeks when it was sunny from sunrise to sunset. Mark Twain is right again: “The coldest winter I’ve ever spent is summer in San Francisco.”

Tiger Woods continues to implode. I thought he was mentally tough enough to overcome all his personal bullshit and continue to play great golf. I was wrong. After the second round of the Bridgestone Invitational he is 72nd (out of 80). Unbelievable.

The other day I learned that throughout Europe, Sept. 29 has been set aside as a day of protest by labor unions and others. The complaint? Austerity measures being taken (intelligently and appropriately in my view) to save Europe from sliding further into the economic toilet. Poor Euro-babies. It will probably mean they have to work more and delay retirement past 50. What a shame.

Why do I care? Because we were scheduled to fly from Athens to Rome and then on to Catania that day. In all likelihood air traffic will be disrupted and strikes will make travel difficult or impossible. So I’ve taken steps to delay this travel for a day. Making airline and hotel changes has proven to be time-consuming, aggravating and costly. Doesn’t make me happy.

My plantar faschiitis and tendonitis stricken right foot, now in its fourth month of hurting, showed some signs of improving the day after I had a cortisone injection, but since then has blackslid some. Over these months, after several visits to a podiatrist, orthotics, massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, anti-inflammatory drugs, exercise, heat and cold applications, and a night splint – nothing has helped. The cortisone did make a difference and lifted my spirits. I’m looking forward to more of the same – soon.

I’ll note, but not spend time ranting about, the ongoing fucked up nature of our government, politicians, legislators, the media, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the right wing, the left wing and . . . you can fill in the rest of the blanks.

Having (partially) unburdened myself, it must be said that there is much to be thankful for: Sandra and other close relationships, friends, generally good health, a wonderful environment in which to live, peace and tranquility in the neighborhood, blessings that are not necessarily deserved but are deeply appreciated. Have a nice day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiger has been psychologically gelded. The so-called therapy he was obliged to endure only exacerbated what the media pundits had begun. If therapy was so beneficial to correct his supposed behavioral deficiencies, then why not employ therapy for his golf deficiencies? BECAUSE IT TOO WOULD FAIL. Tiger's loins need stimulation if his golf game is to also rise again. And he doesn't need harassment from a public body bent on the notion that Tiger owes them piety. ~Ks

I agree, this summer in SF is living up to the moniker, the cool grey lady on the bay...

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