Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miscellaneous Opinions

You didn’t ask, but . . .

If you object to full-body scans at airport security because you think it is an invasion of privacy, here’s what to do: don’t fly. If I’m on your plane I don’t want my life endangered because you are unhappy that strangers may see a fuzzy image of your various bulges.

It would be best for Tiger and the rest of us if he and Elin split up. He would then be free to concentrate on golf and fucking around without unnecessary distractions. Prediction: Whatever happens at home he’ll be back competing by the Master’s or sooner.

The 27 minutes that Cesc Fabregas played in Arsenal’s win over Aston Villa last Sunday was an extraordinary example of the difference one person can make. Because of a hamstring injury he didn’t enter the game until the 57th minute. Within seconds he injected energy and mastery into a lackluster Arsenal performance that transformed everything. 8 minutes later he scored a goal, which broke a 0-0 deadlock. 16 minutes after that he scored a 2nd goal. In the process he reinjured himself and left the game. Watching him was an astounding experience.

In recent weeks I’ve watched or re-watched several Netflix instant movies on my computer that I’ve loved and recommend. They include:

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

A Woman in Berlin

Breaker Morant: Masterworks Edition

Au Revoir Les Enfants

Full Metal Jacket

Blade Runner: Director’s Cut

Unmistaken Child

Speaking of movies, I have a long-standing complaint about British movies I see on Masterpiece Theater. Two things: First, I often can’t understand what they’re saying and they don’t have subtitles. Second, the stories, especially the mysteries, are so dense and complicated I get lost in the maze. So, you ask, if you don’t like ‘em, why watch ‘em? Good question. I’ll think about that.

Finally, in case I don’t see or talk with you between now and the 1st, I wish you a wonderful 2010.


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