Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tiger Ain't Talkin'

The world is talking about Tiger, but Tiger ain’t talkin’ to the world.

That he wants to totally control his personal world should come as no surprise. That’s his M.O.

My prediction? In the absence of some new, dramatic information about his car accident and what precipitated it, he’ll skate through this one. He’s said he made a mistake and has taken responsibility for it. Looking through Tiger’s prism, that’s all he has to say. End of story.

Sooner or later the rest of us will stop guessing and theorizing about what really happened. He’s going to move on. His sponsorship deals will not be affected. He’ll speak by playing great golf and he’ll continue to live his life in an opaque bubble of extreme privacy. And we’ll continue to tune in when there’s something to see.


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