Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dislike Intensified

At the beginning of the primary season I wrote about the upcoming political campaign. It hadn’t yet become interminable and for a politics junkie was fascinating. Well, it still has my attention, but it certainly has gone on and on.

My choice hasn’t changed. I still strongly prefer Obama. What has changed is my attitude toward Hillary Clinton. I said when the year began that I didn’t like or trust her. Well, five months later I really really don’t like or trust her. I can’t stand to see her or listen to her. She hasn’t yet risen to a George Bush level of disgust for me, but she’s not far from it.

I’ve found that the most constructive action I can take when my pissed off level overflows is to send more money to Obama. If you believe the polls her inauthenticity, her pandering, her pit bull-like determination to win at any cost don’t fool many people, but she’s still in the race, so some of her behavior must be appealing.

Her negative aura has spread to her husband and daughter. I can’t stand them either. This is new. Until recently I didn’t dislike Bill and I thought Chelsea had turned out pretty well. But guilt by association is powerful, so now they occupy high positions on my shit list. And of course, the more they say and do the more solid their place on my list becomes.

I think Obama will get the nomination. But I’m not overly confident. The witch is shameless and tenacious and shows no sign of giving in, not matter how long the odds. I can only hope that the undeclared super delegates, most of whom are self-serving, gutless politicians, will have the courage to go for Obama. Let me amend that. I don’t think they’ll ever have the courage. I think they’ll just conclude that it is in their interest to do so. And with that, the race will end.

Should the worst happen, would I vote for McCain in protest? No. My dislike for Clinton isn’t great enough to totally obliterate my common sense. But if that is my choice I sure won’t like it.

Tonight will tell us about Indiana and North Carolina. I’d love to see my man kick her ass. We shall see.


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