Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Like An Ostrich

I’ve got my head in the sand.

I’m a politics junkie who is hiding from politics. I don’t want to know details about what’s happening – who’s on top, what the polls say, what will happen a week from today. Why? It’s all bad news. I can’t find even a sliver of hope out there. Yeah, a few good guys will win and a few bad guys (or gals) will lose. But so what? When it’s all over it’ll be a whipping of massive proportions. Or at least that’s what everyone is saying – that much I know.

There is a (small) school of thought that argues it’ll be good for Obama and the country if the Republicans control the House. Getting things done will then be easier. Yeah, right. They’ll throw a big tea party and hold hands and put the country first. Sure.

I can’t even find anyone to blame. I can find reasons for why the reality is what it is. You know, the usual suspects. But that doesn’t help. The people are mad. They’ve been let down. In other places it’d be a call to the barricades. But that’s not our thing. We’ve got the ballot box. A good alternative to be sure, but not a solution.

What to do? I’m looking at my absentee ballot and my Official Voter Information Guide for California and San Francisco. I think I’ll vote. That’ll show ‘em.

Go Giants!!


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